When our Chocolate Lab, Sam, is going to be spending some quality time with his buddy Krystal, we can’t even say her name when he is in the room. My husband and I have to spell out her name to each other so that he doesn’t lose his mind! The instant Krystal’s name is mentioned there is no turning back. Sam goes absolutely crazy looking around for her, going to the door and wimpering. I knew the first time we met her that she was the one we wanted to take care of our dog like we do…and she does. Sometimes I think though, that he loves her more than me!

p.s. Sam will be heart broken and so will we when you go. I hope you know how much we have appreciated your services and friendship. I truly hope your new clients know what we will be losing and they will gain.

Niki B.


“Ooooooh my God Krystal is the best!!!! I love it when she picks me up and takes me to dog park and I can play ball, ball, ball, ball, ball, ball…..” 

Linda S. as dictated to by her dog, Shelby



“Eh… Eat the garbage or go to the dogpark… It’s no contest…Peanut and Krystal can pick me up any day.” 




“These trips have it all- action, adventure, a gripping love story and tennis balls!” 

5 stars Booboo



“Krystal is the best thing that ever happened to my dog, Mookie. The love and care she provides the dog’s in her care is outstanding. This is the first time that he looks forward to going to a pet-sitter. She is outstanding and wonderful with animals. The dogs absolutely love her and have so much fun. It is wonderful to know that someone as loving and responsible as Krystal is watching my dog. Peanut’s Petsitting is the best around.”

Don Sterret



Krystal has been dog sitting my dog, Lulu, for almost 6 years. Finding a service where our dog could go play and run with the other dogs was awesome! Our dog is so energetic! In the past she slept all day and when we came home from our full time jobs she wouldn’t settle down. Now when she goes to the dog park she gets the energy out and naps beside us as we read or watch TV at night!

My dog loves her trips to the dog park! The socialization that occurs with a play group and the chance to run with other dogs can’t be matched by a walk around the block! Lulu also stayed with Krystal overnight many times while we were on vacation. It was nice to know that while we were gone Lulu was in a home with other dogs, still getting her exercise and not confined to a cage. 

I love the service that we received and we are very sad to have Krystal leave Southern California!


Tara Julian



“Krystal has been watching Boo Boo for a eight years now. Boo Boo is a very energetic boy, and needs daily exercise. With my busy schedule, I was unable to provide him with all the exercise he needs. Krystal takes him to the dog park five days a week, and it has really made a difference in his behavior. When I get home at night, Boo Boo is always happy and tired. He stays with Peanut when I am gone on vacation too. I feel much better being gone when I know my doggie is having fun too.

I would highly recommend Peanut’s Petsitting! Krystal is professional and reliable, and the dogs really have fun.”

Ellyn M. MD



Krystal has been looking after my dog Snuffy since he was a little puppy, 11 years ago, and we were brand-new dog-owners. She notices things about her charges and passes them on with recommendations: ‘Have you noticed he’s limping?’ ‘He’s got something on his neck’ “He was quiet today, keep an eye on him’ ‘Do take him to the vet for this – don’t worry about that..’.

She is capable, great with animals, funny and kind and very reassuring. You know your pet is in good hands. She loves all of her charges and spoils them as much as her own dogs.

When we leave Snuffy with her when we go away on vacation, sometimes for three weeks at a stretch, Krystal allows him to sleep on her bed, and hang out on the couch. It’s like doggy camp! I don’t know of a kennel that can provide this kind of home care. We can enjoy ourselves, knowing all will be well.

When Snuffy has had to take medication, Krystal is careful about the correct dose, on the correct day and time – you can trust her to do a good job.

All in all, Krystal is a fine dog sitter – you need have no worries when your pet is in her hands!

Alison Cameron, Long Beach, California



Krystal has cared for our dog, Flippy, for the last 6 years, ever since our dog was 6 weeks old. Krystal has provided Flippy with excellent, reliable care, and is more like a member of our family than just our dog walker. This is more than just a business to Krystal. She genuinely loves and cares for all her four-legged clients! Flippy loves Krystal and eagerly awaits for her doggie play group every day, and she returns home happy and tired. In addition to the doggie play group, Krystal has watched Flippy for extended vacations, and has taken Flippy to the groomer and the vet. We seriously don’t know how we can make it without Krystal. We highly recommend Krystal and will miss her greatly!

Rachel Ruffalo



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