Services Provided:

– Private walk/visit – Doggie play group – Doggie Daycare – Petsitting –

Here is a brief description of our basic services….. if you have any questions or requests, email us or give us a call at 502-301-9220!

Doggie play group-

There’s no need to come home from work only to find that your dog has jumped the fence again, adopted the new couch as his favorite chew- toy or worse. Pets sometimes experience anxiety when we leave them alone, even for a few short hours. But the good news is that your pet doesn’t have to be alone anymore….. Peanut’s Pet Sitting provides an afternoon doggie play group with a pick-up/drop off service, & 1 1/2 – 2 hrs of chaperoned play time in our large, private & secure location. If you want to relieve your pet’s stress & boredom, or just give him a change of scenery, let him go to a place where a whole slew of new playmates await. What more could a dog want? Also, dogs need exposure to other dogs and people in order to develop & maintain positive social and behavioral skills. After your pet spends a day with us, he will be down right tuckered out. All the playing & romping are bound to make him sleep through the night. And you’ll sleep better knowing your pet is living life to the fullest.

Private walk/visit-

We offer 30 or 45 minute walks too.  (We like to know what is the preferred time you would like to have your dog walked and we will try to meet it as best as best we can.) We take your dog outside so they can get some well needed exercise and take care of their “outdoor business.” We will pick up and dispose of your dog’s “business” in the location that you specify. We will also play with your dog and give it the attention it needs, too. At the completion of the walk, we always give the dogs a fresh bowl of water, and if you’ve got treats available, we’d be glad to give him/her one. We leave a note to let you know how the walk went and also to assure you that we were there. The service is available 7 days a week, & we only walk one client at a time; that way your pet gets our full and undivided attention.

Doggie Daycare (M-F ONLY)Peanut’s Pet Sitting doggie daycare will help you find an outlet for your furry child’s energy and provide a positive, loving environment for your dog to socialize with other dogs under the watchful eye of our loving staff. If your dog spends an average of 8-10 hours a day at home alone, we’d be glad to provide the stimulation and attention that your dog needs.  Peanut’s Pet Sitting doggie daycare provides a safe, controlled environment with other friendly dogs. Your dog will enjoy playing in our play area with separate small and big dog areas. The ability to run and play off leash is essential to their emotional and physical well being. Peanut’s Pet Sitting doggie daycare is a valuable alternative for many responsible owners!!


Pet Sitting – (in your home)

Whether it be vacations, business trips, or just working long hours, in home petsitting allows your pets to stay at home and carry on their daily routine uninterrupted even though you can’t be there. WeI know your pets are a very important part of your family, so we know how difficult it can be to leave them behind.. One of the best parts of it all is your pets remains relaxed and sercure in their own home. We take care of everything from kitty litter to medications. Since there is no trauma or stress on your pet, you’ll be greeted at the door with happy purrs and wags when you return. Finally, the answer you all have been waiting for, an alternative to boarding your pets, allowing you to actually enjoy your time away, guilt & worry free, knowing they are being loved and cared for just as you would do!


Our time is spent getting your dog(s) outside to get some exercise and all those other things they do outside. We’ll pick up after dogs & we feed your dog(s) according to your instructions and give them fresh water each visit. The rest of the time is spent giving them some TLC, playing with them, petting them, whatever it is that they like best.


Most of the time spent with cats is spent giving them as much attention as they would like. Of course, we feed them according to your instructions and scoop the litter each visit, but the rest of the time is spent doing whatever makes them the happiest (lap time, chasing paper balls, etc.). We find out from you when we meet you exactly what they like best.

Caged or aquarium animals (birds, fish):

We love to care for & feed these guys according to your instructions. Sorry, no snakes or iguanas…..  they scare us.   🙂

Home care: While you’re away, other than taking care of your animals, we provide some added home security for you by doing such things as bringing in your mail, newspapers, pizza flyers, etc. We also find out if you have lights on timers, in which case we leave those lights alone, but will switch other lights around in your home if you wish. We also turn on and off the outdoor lights and open and close blinds. Basically, we try to keep your home in the same routine you would when you are there. Also, for extended periods of time, we also water indoor plants according to your instructions. We try to keep everybody healthy and happy until you return.


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