Our Rates:
Free initial visit to get acquainted

-Dog Park Play Group– (M-F ONLY) 1 dog/$17 (per day) — 2 dogs/$25 (per day) We pick up your pup & take them to our large, private & secure location for 1 1/2 hours of supervised play time with their buddies!!

***** Please call to cancel your reservation before 8:30 am to avoid a $5 late charge!

-Doggie Daycare- (M-F ONLY) – 1 Day Pass – $18.  Discounts given for multiple pets.

Save money by purchasing discounted weekly and monthly packages! Call Peanuts Petsitting to learn more about available packages.

-Private walks– (in-home visits) $15 – $20 per visit. Your pet will recieve forty five minutes to one hour of individualized one-on-one interaction, and loving attention!! We will come to your home and do the following: feed and water your pet, (can give any needed medications) clean out the litter box, long walks…… Basically, each visit is tailored to your pet’s individual needs and preferences. Whether it be walking, jogging, chasing the ball, or just getting brushed! We can do it all!!

-For no additional charge we water and care for plants, bring in the mail, packages and newspapers, & also, adjust blinds and/or curtains.

– Overnight / 24hrs–
(at our place) — $20.00 – $35.00/per dog. (depending on the size of your pet)  Overnight guests get to take part in our play group also! Availability is extremely limited, make your reservation asap!!!!! We do NOT provide food for your dog.
** slight rate increase during christmas holiday.**

*** Please call to cancel your reservations at least 24 hours in advance!!!

****AS ALWAYS, Please call asap to check for availability.
Thank you!!! Discounts given for on-going or long-term care.


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